Travel conditions

General conditions for package tours with scheduled flights

The following General Terms and Conditions for Package Tours are prepared by the Travel Industry section of HSH and Consumer Ombudsman (FO). The terms apply to package tours which come under the definition in the Package Tours Act of 08/25/1995, § 02.01, as amended.
The conditions are designed in accordance. Act on Packages ( “Package Act”) and the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs’ regulations to the Act ( “Regulations”), and supplementing the provisions of the Act and Regulations. Furthermore, the conditions adjusted in accordance. The EU Regulation on air passenger rights.
The conditions governing the relationship between the tour operator and the consumer. They travel terms indicated in bold are special conditions for Travelbakery AS and complements “General conditions for travel packages.”


Our prices are per. person unless otherwise stated.


The agreement between the parties is considered concluded at the confirmed booking. If the customer must be informed about passport / visa conditions in acc. species. 4.2., The agreement is not binding for him before that information is given.

The organizer may require payment of deposit upon booking or before a contractual maturity date. The deposit must be paid in the manner agreed upon and within the time limit set. At other than cash shall the deadline not be shorter than six days, unless there are special reasons for doing so. Is it not set any deadline, the deposit shall be paid within six working days after ordering.

Agreement between Travelbakery AS and the client is regarded as concluded by the confirmed booking. Deposit of £. 1,500 per person to be paid within 10 days of confirmation and comes in deduction from the price of the residual payment. The deposit, however, can vary because each hotel has its own ordering rules.

Is the contractual amount does not come at the organizer’s account two days after the due date, the organizer may terminate the contract unless the customer can prove that payment was made within the due date.
The balance shall be due no earlier than 35 days before departure. Where the duration, or other documents only and special circumstances make it reasonable, may nevertheless earlier due date is set.

As a rule, paid tickets and / or hotel in full when booking, and always when the booking is made at Travelbakery AS. Tickets may generally not be changed and it shall likewise be no refund in case of cancellation. See Section. 3.2.


The agreement includes the holiday package as stated in the order and verification and travel document or similar document, and any supplementary services included in the package tour by agreement between the parties. Furthermore, the agreement also includes Promoter any individual conditions.

Further information organizer has given the Internet, catalogs, brochures, etc. part of the deal unless they must be presumed to be significant for customer’s purchase of the current package tour. The data are also not considered as part of the agreement if they are changed in a significant way before entering into the agreement. The organizer shall, in the information material draw attention to the possibility that the information may change before the agreement is signed.

Connection Travel or special country events (excursions, courses, etc.) are included only in the package tour if they are sold or marketed at a total cost, or organized in a way that encourages to be sold along with the package tour.

3. holiday price

3.1. price

The quoted price for shall include all taxes, fees and / or taxes Norwegian and / or foreign governments had to add to the services covered by the agreement. Furthermore, the price include any extras for the quirky wishes the customer may have related to his order or other benefits organizer has consented added to the package tour. Additional or discounts related to travel or such optional additional benefits or specifications shall be clearly indicated on the price list.

The price for any cancellation insurance and / or travel insurance in addition to the package tour price and are not covered by the provisions of this paragraph. The same applies for any connecting road or land arrangements not part of the package tour.

Promoter may in their individual conditions determine that the agreed package price can be adjusted up or down by changes in direct and indirect taxes and / or transport rates and / or the foreign currency. The method for calculating such changes must be stated conditions. The organizer must in the case in terms of giving the customer a corresponding right to demand a price reduction if circumstances the Promoter reserves the right to adjust the price up for, develops the customer’s favor, ref. Pakkereiseloven § 4-5. The forecast price increase must be notified to the customer no later than the 20th day before departure that claims for price increases to be valid. The customer may in turn not invoke price adjustment in its favor due to circumstances that occur later than 20 days before departure.

In the notification of price increases under the foregoing provisions, the organizer shall set a reasonable deadline for the customer’s right to cancel the purchase at no cost to themselves. The deadline may not be set to less than three business days.

Travelbakery AS reserves the right to change prices. Price changes may occur if, in the time between the agreement and the points are changes in transportation costs, including fuel prices, taxes, fees or charges related to the use of airports, roads, ports or changes in exchange rates. Travelbakery reserves the right to adjust up for, develops in the traveler’s favor, ref. Pakkereiseloven § 4-5.

Travelbakery AS adds reservation charge of NOK. 300, – (1-4 persons) 500, – (5-9 persons) or 1500, – (10 or more) per order. Please note that if there is extra lot of work with an order, the surcharge will be added, but ONLY after written notice from Travelbakery AS.

3.2. the deposit

The deposit must not exceed NOK. 2,000 per person. Alternatively, the organizer can calculate the deposit as a percentage of the ticket’s total price. In case the deposit shall not exceed 10% thereof. Excluded from these limits are traveling where the promoter can prove that the order entails special economic commitments before the journey starts, for example, packages related to the liner with associated payment obligations for the organizers, hotels with requirements for non-refundable down payment or special land arrangement (excursions, courses etc) that is part of the package, but in which the promoter is not entitled to a refund cases of land arrangement. In such case, the deposit may be increased by this documented amount.

4. Special circumstances relating to the agreement 

4.1. Cancellation protection and travel insurance

The organizer or intermediary shall provide the customer a separate cancellation protection or loss insurance from an insurance company, together with the package tour, which ensures customer is entitled to demand to be released from the contract by the sudden and serious illness in themselves or someone in his immediate family, or anyone he travels with, or other unexpected and serious events, see further provisions on this in section 5.3..

In addition, clients informed of his right to take out travel insurance at intermediary or organizer, ev. with an insurance company, ie insurance for loss / damage to luggage etc. and for coverage of medical expenses and charges. repatriation by accident / illness. Customer Information on any necessity to carry European Health Card (formerly the National Agency Scheme E 111) if such insurance is not taken.

If the purchase agreement is entered into shortly before departure, the information under the preceding paragraph shall be granted to the extent practicable. Is cancellation rights an integral part of the organizer’s standard conditions, he is obliged to make the customer clearly aware of this.

4.2. entry Requirements

The organizer / mediator shall, before acting, ref. section 1.2, inform the customer that the organizer / mediator is obliged to inform visa requirements it / they desired destination has for citizens from EU / EEA countries, and that the customer must provide the organizer / mediator the necessary information on their own and / or with Traveler beware conditions as soon as possible so that the information can be given before the agreement is binding, ref. Section 1. Any person who commits an order for other duties so as to provide correct and complete information about his fellow travelers. This message shall be included on the booking confirmation in a clear and conspicuous manner. Given specific information about entry regulations for the chosen travel practical reasons first with the travel confirmation or later,
Travelers with foreign passports from countries outside the EU / EEA, shall be given instructions about where to obtain the necessary information if the organizer / mediator is not itself able to obtain such.

The traveler must provide correct information in accordance. they claim the authorities in some countries have set as a condition of entry.
If the authorities in entering the country presents new requirements for personal information on entry or other formal requirements after the travel documents are issued, the tour operator / intermediary notify the customer of this to the extent possible.

Travelbakery AS seller travel to the United States. Norway is a “Visa Waiver Program”, and all travelers must fill out an online form for ESTA prior to departure. Forms can be found here:
The questions are the same as the green paper form with retail and travel information, as the travelers before filled out on the plane. One can fill out the form in advance without having the itinerary ready. The approved ESTA registration is valid for 2 years. The renewal of the registration is only required when changing the name, home address or the renewal of passports.

Travelers who have not obtained ESTA approval by the deadline, you risk being denied boarding or entry into the US. More information exists on the embassy’s website: policies for travel to the United States that require visas, are unchanged.

All Norwegian citizens need a passport that is electronically readable. The passport must be valid and not expire less than 6 months after return. Citizens of other nations are encouraged to yourself to contact the American Embassy to get the correct information about passport and any visas.

US Embassy
Henrik Ibsen Gate. 48
0244 Oslo
Tel. 22:44 85 50 or 22:20 71 17

4.3. health information

Customer shall, before acting informed about any health formalities in connection with the journey and stay.

NB. Special rules apply for pregnant women on both aircraft and cruise travel. It is important to obtain information relating to this by order.

4.4. Information concerning transport

The tour operator is obliged to inform the Carrier operating the various transport parts of the journey. By changing the airline after the flight is purchased, notification shall be given as soon as practicable and no later than at check-in / boarding. In packages that use liner, the organizer shall notify the change of scheduled airlines wherever possible.

4.5. Other relationships

The agreement should confirm that the organizer has issued a law mandatory guarantee to Reisegarantifondet, as well as provide information on how the fund can be contacted:
Box 227 center 4001 Stavanger
tel. 51 85 99 40 fax 51 85 99 40

Travelbakery AS has put law mandatory guarantee to Reisegarantifondet.

Moreover, the agreement must specify that the travel agency where the holiday package is optionally purchased booklets to the client for claims he can make against the organizer. Except for requirements that can be demanded from the Guarantee Fund.


5.1. Cancellation by Force Majeure

The customer has the right to cancel the package tour, and be refunded the amount paid for the package tour, if the destination or in the immediate vicinity of this in the last 14 days before the holiday package will take to, ascertained hostilities, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events must be equated with those mentioned, and there are reasonable grounds to believe that the conditions will also make prevails when the package tour under the agreement shall take. The right of cancellation shall also apply if the events occur on or along the route, and they imply a real risk for the customer. Claims for refund of benefits that are not part of the package tour must, if payment of such benefits have already been relayed by the organizer to the appropriate service, directed to the appropriate service provider on a contractual basis.

The right to cancel after this point does not apply if the customer knew, or reasonably should know, the circumstances when he signed the agreement on purchase of the journey.

5.2. Cancellation for remuneration

The customer has the right to cancel the trip by paying an administrative fee which shall not exceed NOK 300, – pr. person until it is 42 days left until departure day starts. For journeys of particularly short duration (less than 5 days) where it is only possible to book later than 42 days before departure, or long duration (over 42 days) the organizer still in their conditions set another deadline.
When the journey distinctive and supportable character makes it affordable, the organizer can set differing conditions also from the following reimbursement rules. These must in case be particularly clear and easily understandable. Cancel the customer after the deadline has expired, these rules apply:
– Cancellation between the deadline for cancellation fee (generally 42 days before departure day starts) and there are 15 days left until the departure day starts: Reimbursement of the amount paid minus the deposit
– cancellation after it is less than 15 days to departure day starts and before it is 3 days before departure day starts: Refund of 50% of the full price items expenses not incurred.
– Cancellation later than 3 days before departure day starts or omitted attendance at departure: No refunds out of public duties that are not incurred and the whole journey is regarded as canceled.

Travelbakery AS cancellation policy:

Service fees are not refundable if canceled.
Flights will not be refunded, regardless of the cancellation date. For hotel part of the package tour, the following applies:
– cancellation / change
from confirmation until 7 days before departure: charge £ 300 per person
14-0 days before arrival: No refund
If the customer’s order includes more and the agreed total price is based on discounts or discounts linked to the number of stations, the basis for such rebates or discounts could lapse if some of your party cancel. Upon such partial cancellation, the organizer shall refund the proportionate share of the agreed / paid the price for those who adhere to, and collect any more cost due to the elimination of discounts related to group size, from the remaining participants.

5.3. Sudden and serious illness or accident – voluntary cancellation protection

If the customer has accepted the cancellation protection / insurance, or equivalent rules made part of the organizer’s standard conditions, the customer is entitled to demand to be released from the contract if he can prove that the conditions for such cancellation are met. He is obliged to inform the organizer about the cancellation as soon as possible after he is aware of the circumstances giving entitlement to cancellation pursuant to this point.
Using a medical certificate as proof of sudden and serious illness, this should be drawn up in the form trade association and the Norwegian Medical Association has prepared, if the customer has been given such a form of the organizer.

The agreement on the cancellation protection is binding during the contract period.
Cancellation protection should at least be entitled to cancellation if the customer yourself, spouse, registered partner, cohabitant, children, parents, in-laws or siblings, are afflicted by sudden and serious illness, accident injury or death. The same applies if such circumstances affect one as he travels with, and it would be unreasonable to require the customer when conducting flight unless that person is with. Equated with sudden and serious illness is sudden and severe incidents that affect the customer or his traveling companion, ref. foregoing, which implies that it is not reasonable to require the customer to travel. Such events can be fire or water damage to real property, etc.
The right under the preceding paragraphs assume that the traveler himself did not know, or should know, the circumstances that caused the journey can not be used, or that he himself is responsible for such circumstances.
The client undertakes to provide intermediary or organizer notified of cancellation as soon as possible after he is familiar with the circumstances warranting the cancellation after this point, and to provide sufficient evidence for the disease from a doctor, or the inhibiting circumstance instance. the certificate from the police or insurance company.

Documentation regarding the cancellation reason must be submitted no later than three weeks after the cancellation was made. If canceled pursuant to this provision the customer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid after deducting the cancellation protection, an administration fee of NOK 300, – pr. person fee of NOK. 300, – (1-4 persons) 500, – (5-9 persons) or 1500, – (10 or more) When several people in the same order, will issue the refund to the main rating.

If the customer has accepted the organizer’s own cancellation protection, the organizer cases in acc. the foregoing provisions will refund the amount paid (net of the cost of cancellation protection) without undue delay as soon as the necessary documentation has been provided by the customer, possibly after deduction of an administration fee which must not exceed NOK 300. The assumption is also that the fee stated in the organizer’s individual conditions or insurance document.

Tickets for theater, opera, musicals, football matches, dining out, etc. are not covered by the cancellation insurance and non-refundable regardless of cancellation due.

If your order includes several travelers, and the overall price reflects a discount or discounts based on the total subscriber number, a cancellation of one or more of the party could result in the conditions of the agreed price is no longer present. This shall not cause the remaining participants a price increase but covered by cancellation protection.
The organizers have the right to transfer the passengers to another accommodation that better suits the remaining group size and which otherwise corresponds to the originally booked shelter. The right to such a transfer is conditional upon that the move does not reduce the content of the selected package tour, or making sure the information given on the package tour or agreed supplements are no longer met.

5.4. Transfer of the package tour

The customer has the right to transfer the journey to another that meets the conditions for participation in the package tour. The assumption is that the organizer or intermediary is notified of this within a reasonable time before the package tour starts, and that the organizer and / or subcontractors he uses, are not bound by rules that prohibit such transfer. Scheduled belong among other things this category subcontractors. Where liner company accept name changes, the company’s conditions for this in addition to the provisions of the General Conditions for package tours.
The organizer can in case of transfer charge a reasonable name change fee which must not exceed NOK 300, -. The original client and the new travelers are jointly liable for both such fees and any residual amount of travel.
Packages with liner can not be transferred to others.
Promoter disclosure pursuant to the Package Travel Act and these conditions are considered normally met across the new customer to the extent that disclosure is fulfilled against anyone who conveys the journey. If there is a need to provide additional information, and this is practically possible, the site will still be obliged to provide the necessary information to that journey is assigned to. The organizers have no liability if the person receiving the journey transferred to it, does not satisfy the requirements of entry country setting.

5.5. Change of order

The traveler can change travel day, destination, hotel, etc. against an administration fee which must not exceed NOK 300, – pr. person pr. change, if the organizer is able to comply with the new requirements. Exceeding the organizer’s costs of the change amount of the fee, the change is considered a cancellation. The organizer must inform the client that the rules relating to cancellation in return for section. 5.2. will apply.
Scheduled flights Tickets can not be changed after ticket issuance.

6. The operator’s right to cancel or change any LIABILITY

6.1. Too few members of the Scheme

The operator can cancel the individual journey if it is not sold to the number or the occupancy rate he in their individual conditions have made it a condition to proceed with the trip. The deadline must not be shorter than 30 days before departure day starts. For journeys of especially short or long duration, or of a special nature, may still other time limits set, ref. section. 5.2. Deadlines which deviates from the normal limit of 30 days should be been highlighted particularly clear in its terms to be invoked by the organizer.
Written notice of such cancellation must reach the customer at the latest by the deadline. The operator is obliged to notify the customer of cancellation pursuant to this point as soon as possible. In case of cancellation after this point, all of the client paid amount refunded as soon as possible.

6.2. Obstruction outside the operator’s control

The operator can cancel a trip without liability for damages if it can prove that it can not be carried out due to circumstances outside his control and that he could not reasonably be expected to have taken into consideration when the agreement was signed, and which neither the operator nor some he is responsible for, could have avoided or prevented the consequences of. Such barriers may be war or acts of war, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events that must be equated with the foregoing.
A journey is canceled prior to departure due. circumstances outside the control, is obliged to reimburse the customer any amount paid immediately. Alternatively, the customer is entitled to participate in a different holiday package if this is offered. Is the journey more expensive than the original, the customer shall pay the difference. If it is cheaper, the customer can claim the difference refunded.

In the same conditions as mentioned in section 1, the operator will not be liable if packets ice is inadequate or interrupted due to such circumstances occurring after the package tour has begun. If the journey is shortened by the operator or the customer due. such circumstances, the customer will still be entitled to a proportionate reduction in price. The operator is obliged to the extent it is possible to eliminate any risk or inconvenience to the customer. Must journey is interrupted, obligations to provide transport back to an agreed return destination at no cost and with minimum inconvenience to the customer. The timing of repatriation will depend on an assessment of the facts on the spot, including the real risks and / or actual disadvantages a continued stay represents.

If the operator fails to comply repatriation or expose this unnecessary and the customer must provide return travel, the organizer is responsible for any additional expenses incurred by the customer as a result of this.

6.3. The operator’s right to change the trip content or conditions after the agreement

Promoter can not change its terms or travel specifications inconvenience to the customer after the contract, unless it has reserved the right to change given specific services / specifications, and specifically provided in the individual contract, i.e. travel document or agreement document.

The organizer is obliged to inform the customer in writing as soon as possible if he wants to change the terms or content after this point. The organizer shall also inform the client of his right to cancel the purchase of the journey if the changes mean that the journey will suffer from significant deficiencies to the customer after the change, or to claim a price reduction if the journey will be deficient. If the customer has not invoked this right within three days after notice of the change has come forward, he loses the right to cancel the purchase or demand a discount. If there are extenuating circumstances that the deadline can not be met, the customer is obliged to notify as soon as possible and within a reasonable time.

7. party’s duties

7.1. Promoter / Processor’s duties

The organizers will proceed with the trip in accordance with what was agreed with the traveler, ref. Section 2. Do unforeseen circumstances it is still necessary to changes in the journey, the organizer reasonable extent ensure that the travelers are exposed to the least possible inconvenience.
Tour operator / provider must immediately disclose any circumstances which he understands, or should understand, is important for the traveler. He must in this context the customer the questions that are necessary to fulfill the duty of disclosure.
Points out the traveler lacks the journey, the organizer is obligated to do what is reasonably possible to rectify the defect as soon as possible.

Annulment or time change of the cost is beyond Travelbakery AS’s control. Travelbakery AS will choose alternative airlines that corresponds as much as possible the journey was ordered if the customer is affected by the cancellation or changes. Travelbakery AS is not liable for any costs associated with the change.
It occurs overbooking of hotels. If this happens, the hotel provide replacement accommodation in a hotel of the same or higher standard for the traveler. If this does not happen, the customer shall contact either our representative who has contact information on voucher or Travelbakery AS for assistance.

7.2. The duties

The customer is obliged to familiarize themselves with these general conditions or the conditions organizers have taken into their catalog or otherwise.

a) Payment: The client undertakes to pay the agreed consideration within the deadline stipulated in the terms. Significant event of default, the organizer is entitled to cancel the order.

b) Information: The Customer undertakes to provide intermediary or organizer of the relevant information which he understands or should understand is significant for the implementation of the package tour. The ordering of fellow, is obliged to provide accurate and relevant information also in relation to these. The Promoter is not responsible for problems that occur as a result of personal or special needs for fellow is not given correctly. The ordering a package on behalf of others, has a duty to satisfy itself that it / they will participate in the package tour, please follow the regulations the organizer has set, and that the current travel package is of such a nature that it / they entrants can participate in it without strain itself or other

c) Complaints: The traveler is obliged to notify the organizer within a reasonable time if he discovers a defect that would give him rights under paragraphs 8 a) – d). Discovered the defect after the package has commenced, the customer must as far as possible a complaint on the spot. Whatever complaints must be submitted to the organizer or travel agency where the trip is purchased, not later than four weeks after the end, unless special circumstances make it reasonable to extend the appeal deadline

d) Documents etc .: The client is obliged to check that tickets and travel documents are in accordance with the order and the names of travelers is consistent with what’s in the passport. The traveler is obliged to bring a valid passport, visa / health certificates, tickets and other documents as may be necessary for the journey. The traveler is obliged to provide such documents as may be necessary for the individual traveler, and he is obliged to draw the assurances he had to feel necessary. The organizer reserves the right to reject a traveler if the required documents are not carried.

e) As to fellow etc .:The customer is obliged to abide by the organizer’s own regulations as they are presented to him before signing the agreement, hotels and other suppliers under school rules and to abide by the carrier and the local laws. The customer shall also abide by the directions organizer provides about fremmøtetid, forward venue etc. during the journey, and the toppings carrier or transport responsible had to give in connection with unforeseen events during the journey. Each participant on the trip must not act in a manner that is a nuisance to the fellow or creates safety or practical problems for organizers. The organizer reserves the right to reject a traveler at the start of the journey if the traveler’s behavior or condition makes it obvious that he can not fulfill the requirements of this paragraph.

f) Repatriation etc .: The traveler is obliged to comply with the organizer’s any provision for confirmation of return tickets on scheduled flights. Not done this, they reserved seats not expected employed. Also undertakes itself to keep abreast of any changes to departure time, by making contact with the tour operator’s representative if the traveler has removed itself from the travel company or otherwise made up / been unavailable in the past 24 hours before scheduled departure. The traveler is obliged otherwise to follow the organizer’s requests to read the organizer lookup, visit the information desk or reception as long as this does not cause unnecessary inconvenience or nuisance to the travelers.

g) Consequences of default: Rough violation of these provisions after the relationship is prosecuted, the organizer has the right to refuse the travelers continued participation on the journey. The organizers then have no liability for costs associated with the forward / changed repatriation. The rejected travelers can not bring claims regarding the part of the journey not being used.

The customer may be liable for any loss or additional expenses incurred by the organizer by serious violation of the above provisions. Customer is responsible for the damage and loss, etc. for common liability rules.

We assume that a traveler has put himself into political, social and religious conditions prevailing at the destination. We draw your attention to crime in some major cities in the world can occur and that the thefts occur during the journey. StorbySpa AS recommends the traveler insurance and store important papers and belongings in a safe place during the entire journey.


8.1. Lacking before departure

The customer may terminate the agreement before the package tour begins if it is clear that the holiday package will have significant shortcomings. The same applies if the agreement terms changes and the change is a major inconvenience to the customer. Price increase of more than 10% should always be considered as significant disadvantage. The customer shall give the organizer told uplift within a reasonable time. Unless special circumstances, should such a message be given no later than one week after notification of the change was received, or as soon as possible if the message is received shortly before departure.
The customer is then entitled to a full refund of all amounts paid as well as any compensation under the rules of Pakkereiseloven § 3.5.

Alternatively, he has the right to participate in a different package holiday if or provider can offer this. Is replacement journey is more expensive, the customer shall pay the price difference after deduction of any claims the customer is entitled under Pakkereiseloven § 5.3. Journey is cheaper, the organizer is reverse to the customer the difference between the original ticket price and replacement ticket price, optionally added such replacement as mentioned in the preceding sentence. The organizer can not offer such a replacement travel, the customer can buy a travel which corresponds to the original within reasonable limits, and hold the organizer responsible for any additional costs incurred by this purchase by the usual liability rules. Is such a substitute purchase considerably more expensive than the price of the original trip,

If the customer, despite its right to terminate the contract as a result of missing, wishing to make use of the agreed journey, the customer is entitled to a proportionate reduction in price. If the defect is a price increase of more than 10%, is however the customer’s choice to either terminate the contract or to participate in the journey to the new price unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

8.2. Deficiencies after departure

Package trips are deficient when it differs from what has been agreed or foreseen in the agreement, and this is not due to the customer or conditions on his side. Deviations from the agreed are however not considered defective if they are of minor importance, or is of a kind customer must expect may occur from time to time. The same applies to deviations in natural conditions as the organizer neither knew or ought to have knowledge or control.
The customer is obliged to claim for deficiencies he discovers as soon as possible. Complaints that are submitted later than the deadlines in these Terms Section 7.2. c) will normally mean that the client’s rights lapses.
Complaints eligible missing after departure gives the customer these rights:

a) Corrective:

Customer demands that the organizer relieve shortage if this can be done without unreasonable cost or inconvenience to him. Remedy must be made within a reasonable time and without insignificant inconvenience to the customer. Declining customer correction that will remedy the defect or fails he promoting the organizer or the organizer’s representative where possible, so that corrections can happen, he loses the right to further claims.

b) price reduction:

If the deficiency is not remedied, the customer is entitled to a proportionate reduction in price, or cover the reasonable expenses the customer has had by itself rectify the defect when the organizers have not been able to do so.

c) Raising:

Does the package tour significant deficiencies and the purpose of the package tour of the reason is substantially unsuccessful, the customer may cancel the contract and reclaim the amounts paid in accordance. Agreement. Raises customer agreement under this provision, he is entitled to royalty-free transport back to the departure point or else the journey should have been terminated, if the package tour includes transport element. The provisions of Art 6.2., 3rd paragraph apply likewise.

d) Replacement:

Is the package tour inadequate and this causes the customer suffers loss, the customer may demand compensation from the organizer. The customer may, where he has not suffered any losses, charge a fee if the defect is caused customer significant disadvantage. Promoter liability according to the above lapses if the promoter can demonstrate that the defect is due to circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control, and that he could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account the term of the Agreement, and that neither he nor anyone who is responsible, could avoid or avert the consequences of. The operator is obliged anyway to give the customer the necessary assistance as soon as possible.
Where deficiencies occur during transport, the replacement rules of the transport legal specific legislation front compensation provisions of Package Law. The customer can choose whether he will require its loss by the organizer or directly from the carrier.
Regardless of whether the organizer is liable in accordance. the above, undertakes the traveler to limit the loss as best he can. Compensation may be claimed for any loss or damage caused by the passenger’s negligence or conditions.

e) Relationship to EU regulation 2004-261 (delays, cancellations and over bookings)

The provisions found at this address: http: //Lovdata/for/grafikk/pdf/32004r0261.pdf
event of delays, cancellations and / or overbooking apply the rules imposed by the EU that Regulation so that the organizers equated with the airline where organizers use their own or leased aircraft to transport. The organizer is responsible for ensuring that the customer receives written information about their passenger rights which arise situations that trigger such rights. Where the organizer uses liner, incumbent information requirement liner company. The rights under EU rules provide the passenger, also applies to primarily against the liner company.
Where the passenger will be paid compensation amount in accordance. EU regulations either from the promoter or the airline, this amount must be deducted in calculating any price reduction / compensation according package law.

Where EU regulation passenger gives right to raise the carriage, this does not apply to the remainder of the package tour unless the defect is of such a nature that the conditions to cancel the purchase of package travel is present, cf. art 8. Minor delays usually not entitled to cancellation of the purchase of the package tour. If the passenger chooses to cancel / terminate the contract of the journey under the provisions of the EU Regulation, but the conditions to cancel the purchase of the package tour for Package Tours Act is not present, the customer shall only be refunded the portion of the purchase price relating to transport. The tour operator is obliged to make the customer aware that full reimbursement of travel package price then will not happen.

f) The following conditions are considered not normally lack the package travel in item 8:

I. Deviations from the agreed which are of minor importance for the implementation of the journey or who have not had an impact on the choice of package tours.
II. Deviation from expectations the customer has had, and that is not created by the organizer, for example. Another construction standard of the destination or other destination-related conditions, if conditions customer complaints must have to be considered “normal” for the destination.
III. Abnormal weather and other natural conditions the organizers had or should have knowledge of
IV. Condition the traveler must expect may occur from time to time, and that is beyond the operator’s control or that do not deviate from what is considered foreseen in the agreement. Change of residence due to overbooking, should not be considered as “foreseeable deviation”.
V. Delays during transportation or changed departure times / access times, when the stay at the destination is not shortened by more than a maximum of 6 hours travel lasting less than five days, or eight hours travel duration between 5 and 8 days, or at most 12 hours for site with a duration of 8 days. The delay / change in departure / arrival times due to actions by the authorities, exceptional weather conditions, crowding of the air or other similar conditions promoter or the carrier can not affect, doubled the aforementioned limits. That ratio is not designated as defective by this determination does not prevent the customer to have the assistance and the possible compensation customer is entitled to according to said European Regulations.
WE. Deviations from the agreed due to the customer’s own conditions.


If the traveler has a complaint about defects or deficiencies must be corrected at the destination, either to the connector on voucher, via the hotel or directly to Travelbakery AS. This is to allow us to take a position on the complaint as early as possible and possibly correct errors or omissions.

If the traveler wishes to submit a written complaint must be in our hands within 3 weeks of your return. The complaint sent to

Travelbakery AS
Postboks 3024
2318 Hamar


When reclaiming the traveler shall be made aware of the complaint procedure, and that if the customer complaint / claim is not being met or that the parties agree, the matter may be brought before the Complaints Board for package tours or other dispute settlement body as well as any complaint charges in this regard.


These General Terms and Conditions for Packages valid from 01/04 2007 and replaces from the same date similar terms from 1.4 in 2004.