Mythos Palace Resort & Spa

Mythos Palace Resort & Spa is located in Kavros near Georgioupolis in Crete. 

In this nature protected area, the hotel is located on a private sandy beach that meets all the conditions of security and in cooperation with the company of Nature, has been rewarded with light blue flags. 

Mythos Palace Resort & Spa offers a wonderful family atmosphere and combines the real Cretan Hospitality in an environment based on modern but also traditional Cretan architecture. This hotel is ideal for carefree and peaceful vacation days especially for families. In areas of the hotel you can enjoy the beautiful light blue color from the Greek sea or the lush garden.


The beach Geogioupolis is known not only for the length of 7 km, but also for the wonderful sand. Of course also for shallow and clear water, which makes it ideal for young children. Perfect for parents who can enjoy peace and quiet on the beach.

Family holiday

Mythos Palace Resort & Spa offers the perfect family holiday. The rooms at the hotel are spacious and can host a family with one or two children. The children have fun and they are entertained with the facilities of the hotel and mini club, so that in the parents can relax and enjoy the holidays.


Mythos Palace Resort & Spa has 18 rooms in the central building, 156 bungalows, 30 suites and 2 villas. All rooms are located around gardens and have verandas with views to the sea, Leuka Ori, the swimming pools or the beautiful garden that shares our modern hotel.

Spa & Therapy 

The hotel has a brand new spa center. Our specialized employees have prepared for you special programs that can offer you moments of tranquility, relaxation and care, using natural products of our region such as various herbs and essential oils. Moreover, our customers can develop and realize their program to want special treatments, provided it is feasible.


The restaurant “Vakhos” is located in the central building and shares two verandas, one with a view to the river and one with a view of the swimming pool. In the middle you will also find a bar. The central restaurant fills all conditions of hygiene and quality control carried out by HACCP is strictly taken care of. Here the customer has the opportunity to enjoy Greek cuisine, but also more generally Mediterranean and international cuisine. You will be pleased with the wide variety of dishes that exist, even for vegetarians or even children who can supply themselves from the large buffet that we offer.